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GuitarWavs Bass Foundation Loops

General Information

Total file size Bass Foundation 649 MB 1496 files.
All files were recorded at 120 bpm 4/4 time.
Folder Name: normal
Folder Size: 537 MB
Files in Folder: 1210
Folder Note: Recorded dry (no FX) 120 bpm.

A 1 8 1 sl.wav
A 10.wav
A 12 bar jazz blues 2.wav
A 12 bar jazz blues 3.wav
A 13.wav
A 16th notes.wav
A 1s 2 bars 1.wav
A 1s 2 bars.wav
A 1s 2 per bar s.wav
A 1s 4 per bar.wav
A 1s.wav
A 4th 5th double.wav
A 5 8 3.wav
A 5ths.wav
A 9.wav
A A# 5ths.wav
A Ab G Gb.wav
A B 2.wav
A B G 5ths.wav
A B sl 2.wav
A B sl.wav
A B.wav
A b7 6.wav
A blues 1.wav
A blues 2.wav
A blues 3.wav
A blues 4.wav
A blues 5.wav
A blues funk 2.wav
A blues funk 3.wav
A blues funk.wav
A blues scale desc.wav
A blues.wav
A bo.wav
A boogie 5.wav
A boogie funk.wav
A boogie walk.wav
A C D A 2.wav
A C D A.wav
A C D C 2.wav
A C D C.wav
A C D F.wav
A C melodic.wav
A C walk.wav
A D 2.wav
A D 3.wav
A D 4.wav
A D 57.wav
A D E A 2.wav
A D funk walk.wav
A D high.wav
A D line 2.wav
A D line.wav
A D melodic.wav
A D octaves.wav
A D walk 3.wav
A D walk.wav
A D.wav
A desc.wav
A descending 2.wav
A descending arp.wav
A descending.wav
A diminished.wav
A E.wav
A F G muted.wav
A F.wav
A fill 2.wav
A fill 3.wav
A fill 4.wav
A fill 5.wav
A fill.wav
A fun key.wav
A funk-o-matic.wav
A funky line.wav
A funky sync 2.wav
A funky sync 3.wav
A funky sync 5.wav
A funky sync 6.wav
A funky sync.wav
A G 5ths.wav
A G D A.wav
A G D melodic.wav
A G D sl.wav
A G E groove sl.wav
A G F E 5ths.wav
A G F.wav
A G sl.wav
A harmonic.wav
A high r58 2.wav
A high r58.wav
A I IV melodic.wav
A I IV V 8.wav
A I IV V.wav
A I V vi IV 3.wav
A I V vi IV 4.wav
A I V vi IV muted.wav
A I V vi IV.wav
A ii V 5.wav
A ii V I walk.wav
A I-ii-V.wav
A I-V-vi-IV.wav
A line 16ths 2.wav
A line 16ths 3.wav
A line 16ths.wav
A line 2.wav
A line 4.wav
A line.wav
A maj doubles.wav
A maj scale desc 2.wav
A maj scale desc.wav
A melodic doubles.wav
A melodic.wav
A mixo desc sync 2.wav
A mixo desc sync.wav
A mixo walk.wav
A note.wav
A octaves 8th notes.wav
A octaves quarter notes.wav
A r 5th.wav
A r5 10th.wav
A r58 sync 2.wav
A r58 sync 3.wav
A r58 sync.wav
A riff 4.wav
A run 2.wav
A run 3.wav
A run 4.wav
A run 5.wav
A run 6.wav
A run 7.wav
A run.wav
A sextuplets.wav
A sl 1.wav
A sl 3.wav
A sl 4.wav
A sl 5.wav
A sl 6.wav
A sl 7.wav
A slide riff.wav
A stop.wav
A triad low.wav
A triad.wav
A V IV I.wav
A walk 2.wav
A walk 3.wav
A walk 4.wav
A walk 5.wav
A walk 7.wav
A walk 8.wav
A Walk.wav
A# octaves 2.wav
A# octaves.wav
A7 4.wav
A7 9.wav
A7 double stops.wav
A7 fill 3.wav
A7 fill 6.wav
A7 fill.wav
A7 funk.wav
A7 funkier.wav
A7 funky 7.wav
A7 funky riff.wav
A7 funky sync 3.wav
A7 funky.wav
A7 groove 2.wav
A7 groove.wav
A7 line 2.wav
A7 line.wav
A7 riff 2.wav
A7 riff 3.wav
A7 riff 4.wav
A7 riff 5.wav
A7 riff 7.wav
A7 riff 9.wav
A7 riff.wav
A7 walk 2.wav
Ab blues line.wav
Ab Eb arps.wav
Ab octaves 8ths hard.wav
Ab octaves 8ths soft.wav
Ab octaves quarters.wav
Ab walk 2.wav
Ab walk.wav
Am 1.wav
Am 12.wav
Am 13.wav
Am 14.wav
Am 16.wav
Am 17.wav
Am 18.wav
Am 2.wav
Am 21.wav
Am 22.wav
Am 23.wav
Am 24.wav
Am 25.wav
Am 4.wav
Am 5.wav
Am 6.wav
Am 7.wav
Am 8.wav
Am 9.wav
Am C G D.wav
Am D triads.wav
Am fill 2.wav
Am fill 5.wav
Am fill 9.wav
Am fill.wav
Am funky 1.wav
Am pent 10.wav
Am pent 11.wav
Am pent 13.wav
Am pent 15.wav
Am pent 19.wav
Am pent 21.wav
Am pent 3.wav
Am pent 5.wav
Am pent 6.wav
Am pent 7.wav
Am pent 70.wav
Am pent 72.wav
Am pent 73.wav
Am pent 74.wav
Am pent 75.wav
Am pent 76.wav
Am pent 9.wav
Am pent fill 2.wav
Am pent fill 4.wav
Am pent fill 6.wav
Am pent fill.wav
Am pent muted.wav
Am pent riff.wav
Am pent.wav
Am riff.wav
Am scale.wav
Am sl 1.wav
Am sl 2.wav
Am sl 3.wav
Am sl 4.wav
Am sl.wav
Amaj7 2.wav
Asus4 double.wav
B 5 sl.wav
B A E sl.wav
B A octaves sl.wav
B A sl.wav
B blues funk 2.wav
B blues funk 3.wav
B blues funk.wav
B boogie walk.wav
B C 5ths.wav
B D E arps 2.wav
B D E arps.wav
B D sl.wav
B dom 2 sl.wav
B dom 3.wav
B dom walk 2.wav
B dom walk.wav
B dom.wav
B E 2.wav
B E triads.wav
B gallup.wav
B I IV V triads.wav
B I IV V.wav
B I V ii IV.wav
B ii V I walk.wav
B line 3.wav
B line.wav
B octaves 2.wav
B octaves.wav
B offbeat.wav
B r585.wav
B sextuplets.wav
B sus sl.wav
B triad.wav
B7 line 6.wav
B9 arp.wav
Bb b7.wav
Bb 10ths 2.wav
Bb 10ths.wav
Bb blues line.wav
Bb boogie line 3.wav
Bb boogie line 5.wav
Bb boogie line 6.wav
Bb C.wav
Bb Db 5ths.wav
Bb Eb triads.wav
Bb I IV V.wav
Bb I IV vi IV 3.wav
Bb pump.wav
Bb r585.wav
Bb triad 3.wav
Bbm pent 30.wav
Bbm pent 31.wav
Bbm pent 32.wav
Bbm pent 33.wav
Bbm pent 34.wav
Bbmaj7 3.wav
Bm 28.wav
Bm A G F# 2.wav
Bm A G F#.wav
Bm D A E 2.wav
Bm D A E.wav
Bm G D arps.wav
Bm pent 11.wav
Bm pent 15.wav
Bm pent 16.wav
Bm pent 18.wav
Bm pent 19.wav
Bm pent 2.wav
Bm pent 20.wav
Bm pent 21.wav
Bm pent 22.wav
Bm pent 23.wav
Bm pent 24.wav
Bm pent 25.wav
Bm pent 26.wav
Bm pent 27.wav
Bm pent 29.wav
Bm pent 3.wav
Bm pent 30.wav
Bm pent 31.wav
Bm pent 32.wav
Bm pent 34.wav
Bm pent 35.wav
Bm pent 36.wav
Bm pent 4.wav
Bm pent 45.wav
Bm pent 456.wav
Bm pent 46.wav
Bm pent 47.wav
Bm pent 48.wav
Bm pent 49.wav
Bm pent 5.wav
Bm pent 50.wav
Bm pent 51.wav
Bm pent 52.wav
Bm pent 53.wav
Bm pent 54.wav
Bm pent 55.wav
Bm pent 56.wav
Bm pent 6.wav
Bm pent 60.wav
Bm pent 61.wav
Bm pent 7.wav
Bm pent 8.wav
Bm pent end.wav
Bm pent muted.wav
Bm pent.wav
Bm scale desc.wav
Bmaj7 2.wav
C 1.wav
C 16th notes.wav
C 5 hammer.wav
C 5th.wav
C B Bb A.wav
C blues funk 3.wav
C blues funk.wav
C blues pattern.wav
C blues.wav
C bo.wav
C boogie line 2.wav
C boogie line 3.wav
C boogie line 4.wav
C boogie line.wav
C boogie walk.wav
C C# 5ths.wav
C D E.wav
C D line.wav
C D triads.wav
C Dm.wav
C dom.wav
C Eb Bb arps.wav
C Eb F Ab.wav
C F arps.wav
C G Bb F.wav
C G chromatic 2.wav
C G D F.wav
C gallup.wav
C I V ii IV.wav
C ii V I walk.wav
C line 4.wav
C line 5.wav
C line 6.wav
C line.wav
C octaves 2.wav
C octaves.wav
C r5b7.wav
C sextuplets.wav
C stop.wav
C triad 2.wav
C triad 3.wav
C triad.wav
C walk 2.wav
C walk 3.wav
C walk 5.wav
C walk.wav
C# B C# E 10ths.wav
C# E 10ths 2.wav
C# E 10ths.wav
C# gallup.wav
C# groove.wav
C# octaves.wav
C# r58 2.wav
C# r58.wav
C#m pent 1.wav
C#m pent 2.wav
C#m pent 20.wav
C#m pent 21.wav
C#m pent 22.wav
C#m pent 23.wav
C#m pent 24.wav
C#m pent 25.wav
C#m pent 26.wav
C#m pent 3.wav
C#m pent 32.wav
C#m pent 33.wav
C#m pent 34.wav
C#m pent 35.wav
C#m pent 4.wav
C#m pent 5.wav
C#m pent 7.wav
C#m pent 8.wav
C#m pent 9.wav
C#m pent fill 3.wav
C#m pent fill.wav
C5 Bb5.wav
C5 Eb5.wav
C5 hammer.wav
C59 D59 sl.wav
C7 fill.wav
C7 funky 1.wav
Cm Ab Eb Bb arps.wav
Cm Ab.wav
Cm Eb Bb arp 2.wav
Cm Eb Bb arp.wav
Cm Fm.wav
Cm gallup.wav
Cm Gm.wav
Cm pent 1.wav
Cm pent 10.wav
Cm pent 11.wav
Cm pent 12.wav
Cm pent 13.wav
Cm pent 14.wav
Cm pent 16.wav
Cm pent 2.wav
Cm pent 3.wav
Cm pent 7.wav
Cm pent 8.wav
Cm pent 9.wav
Cm pent fill 10.wav
Cm pent fill 12.wav
Cm pent fill 2.wav
Cm pent fill 27.wav
Cm pent fill 3.wav
Cm pent fill 4.wav
Cm pent fill 5.wav
Cm pent fill 7.wav
Cm pent fill 8.wav
Cm pent fill.wav
Cm pent walk.wav
Cm pent.wav
Cmaj 7.wav
Crazy chromatic.wav
D 1.wav
D 16ths.wav
D 1s 1 bar.wav
D 1s 2 bars.wav
D 1s 2 per bar s.wav
D 1s 2 per bar.wav
D 1s 3 per bar.wav
D 1s 4 per bar s.wav
D 1s 4 per bar.wav
D 1s 8 per bar.wav
D 2.wav
D 3.wav
D 4.wav
D 5 9.wav
D 5.wav
D 7.wav
D 8.wav
D 9.wav
D A 2.wav
D A B G r59.wav
D A Bm 2.wav
D A Bm arps.wav
D A Bm.wav
D A doubles 2.wav
D A doubles.wav
D A E 2.wav
D A E A.wav
D A E triads.wav
D A E.wav
D A G 10ths.wav
D A G 5ths.wav
D A melodic 2.wav
D A melodic.wav
D A walk 2.wav
D A walk.wav
D A.wav
D B A G.wav
D b5 5.wav
D Bb C D.wav
D blues funk 2.wav
D blues funk 3.wav
D blues funk.wav
D blues.wav
D Bm.wav
D boogie 5.wav
D boogie line low 2.wav
D boogie line low.wav
D boogie walk.wav
D C B Bb 16ths.wav
D C B Bb.wav
D C line.wav
D C sl.wav
D crazy fast riff.wav
D D# 5ths.wav
D Db C B 16ths.wav
D descending.wav
D diminished.wav
D F walk.wav
D fill 2.wav
D fill.wav
D funky sync 2.wav
D G A 2.wav
D G A.wav
D G C F Bb Eb Ab Db doubles.wav
D G C F doubles 2.wav
D G C F doubles 4.wav
D G C F doubles.wav
D G E 8ths.wav
D G.wav
D gallup.wav
D groove.wav
D harmonic 2.wav
D harmonic.wav
D harmonics.wav
D I V vi IV.wav
D I vi IV V.wav
D ii V I walk.wav
D line 2.wav
D line 3.wav
D line 4.wav
D line 5.wav
D line 6.wav
D line 7.wav
D line 8.wav
D line 9.wav
D melodic 2.wav
D melodic 3.wav
D melodic 4.wav
D melodic 6.wav
D melodic 7.wav
D melodic 9.wav
D melodic.wav
D mixo 2.wav
D mixo desc.wav
D mixo.wav
D octaves 2.wav
D octaves.wav
D r58 2.wav
D r58 sync.wav
D r58.wav
D riff.wav
D run 2.wav
D sextuplets.wav
D slide riff.wav
D stop.wav
D walk 2.wav
D walk 3.wav
D walk 5.wav
D# gallup.wav
D# high 16ths.wav
D# I V vi IV.wav
D# octaves 2.wav
D# octaves.wav
D# r58.wav
D# walk.wav
D#m pent 1.wav
D#m pent 2.wav
D#m pent 4.wav
D5 F5.wav
D58 sl.wav
D7 riff 2.wav
D7 riff 4.wav
D7 walk.wav
Db Ab Bbm.wav
Dm 1.wav
Dm 2.wav
Dm 3.wav
Dm 4.wav
Dm 9.wav
Dm A7 doubles.wav
Dm Am.wav
Dm arp.wav
Dm pent 1.wav
Dm pent 2.wav
Dm pent 3.wav
Dm pent 4.wav
Dm pent 5.wav
Dm pent 6.wav
Dm pent 7.wav
Dm pent fill 2.wav
Dm pent fill fuzz.wav
Dm pent fill.wav
Dm pent muted.wav
Dm pent riff fuzz.wav
Dm pent walk.wav
Dm pent.wav
Dmaj7 2.wav
Dmaj7 echo.wav
Drop C 10.wav
Drop C 11.wav
Drop C 12.wav
Drop C 13.wav
Drop C 14.wav
Drop C 15.wav
Drop C 16.wav
Drop C 17.wav
Drop C 18.wav
Drop C 19.wav
Drop C 2.wav
Drop C 20.wav
Drop C 21.wav
Drop C 31.wav
Drop C 32.wav
Drop C 33.wav
Drop C 34.wav
Drop C 35.wav
Drop C 36.wav
Drop C 37.wav
Drop C 38.wav
Drop C 40.wav
Drop C 42.wav
Drop C 44.wav
Drop C 45.wav
Drop C 46.wav
Drop C 48.wav
Drop C 49.wav
Drop C 51.wav
Drop C 52.wav
Drop C 53.wav
Drop C 55.wav
Drop C 7.wav
Drop C 8.wav
Drop C 9.wav
Drop C b5.wav
Drop C doubles.wav
Drop C fill 2.wav
Drop C fill 3.wav
Drop C fill.wav
Drop C mute 2.wav
Drop C muted 1.wav
Drop C muted 3.wav
Drop C octaves.wav
Drop C quarter notes sync.wav
Drop C quarter notes.wav
Drop C sl 4.wav
Drop C sl 1.wav
Drop C sl 2.wav
Drop C sl 3.wav
Drop D 11.wav
Drop D 12.wav
Drop D 13.wav
Drop D 14.wav
Drop D 15.wav
Drop D 16.wav
Drop D 17.wav
Drop D 18.wav
Drop D 19.wav
Drop D 2.wav
Drop D 20.wav
Drop D 21.wav
Drop D 22.wav
Drop D 25.wav
Drop D 26.wav
Drop D 28.wav
Drop D 29.wav
Drop D 30.wav
Drop D 31.wav
Drop D 32.wav
Drop D 33.wav
Drop D 34.wav
Drop D 35.wav
Drop D 36.wav
Drop D 38.wav
Drop D 39.wav
Drop D 4.wav
Drop D 40.wav
Drop D 41.wav
Drop D 42.wav
Drop D 43.wav
Drop D 44.wav
Drop D 45.wav
Drop D 46.wav
Drop D 47.wav
Drop D 48.wav
Drop D 49.wav
Drop D 5.wav
Drop D 50.wav
Drop D 52.wav
Drop D 53.wav
Drop D 54.wav
Drop D 55.wav
Drop D 57.wav
Drop D 58.wav
Drop D 6.wav
Drop D 61.wav
Drop D 62.wav
Drop D 63.wav
Drop D 64.wav
Drop D 65.wav
Drop D 66.wav
Drop D 67.wav
Drop D 68.wav
Drop D 69.wav
Drop D 7.wav
Drop D 70.wav
Drop D 72.wav
Drop D 73.wav
Drop D 74.wav
Drop D 75.wav
Drop D 76.wav
Drop D 77.wav
Drop D 78.wav
Drop D 79.wav
Drop D 80.wav
Drop D 81.wav
Drop D 82.wav
Drop D 83.wav
Drop D 84.wav
Drop D 85.wav
Drop D 86.wav
Drop D 87.wav
Drop D 88.wav
Drop D 89.wav
Drop D 90.wav
Drop D 91.wav
Drop D boogie 2.wav
Drop D boogie.wav
Drop D fill 10.wav
Drop D fill 22.wav
Drop D fill 3.wav
Drop D fill.wav
Drop D plus harmonics.wav
Drop D quarter notes.wav
Drop D sl 10.wav
Drop D sl 12.wav
Drop D sl 13.wav
Drop D sl 14.wav
Drop D sl 15.wav
Drop D sl 3.wav
Drop D sl 6.wav
Drop D sl 7.wav
Drop D sl 8.wav
Drop D sl 9.wav
Drop D walk.wav
E 1.wav
E 10th volume swell.wav
E 10ths.wav
E 14.wav
E 15.wav
E 1s 1.wav
E 1s 2 per bar s.wav
E 1s 2.wav
E 1s 2bars.wav
E 1s 3 per bar.wav
E 1s 4 per bar s.wav
E 1s 5 per bar sl.wav
E 1s 5 per bar.wav
E 23.wav
E 3 octaves.wav
E 3.wav
E 7 sl.wav
E 78b55.wav
E 83.wav
E 9.wav
E A 2.wav
E A 3.wav
E A D G C F Bb double stops.wav
E A triads 2.wav
E A triads.wav
E and harmonics.wav
E B A 10ths.wav
E B A sl.wav
E B D 10ths.wav
E B turn around.wav
E big gun.wav
E bo.wav
E boogie echo.wav
E boogie walk.wav
E C D 5ths.wav
E C D A.wav
E C D B.wav
E C D E.wav
E D A melodic.wav
E D A triads.wav
E D B sl 2.wav
E D B sl.wav
E D C B.wav
E D C D.wav
E D C#m Bm 10ths.wav
E D melodic.wav
E D sl.wav
E D.wav
E desc.wav
E diminished.wav
E dom.wav
E Dsus4.wav
E F 5ths high.wav
E F big fish.wav
E F# G octaves sl.wav
E fill 8.wav
E fill.wav
E funky 2.wav
E G A sl.wav
E G# A octaves sl.wav
E gallup.wav
E groove 2.wav
E groove 3.wav
E groove sl 1.wav
E hammered.wav
E harmonic.wav
E high 16ths.wav
E high gallup.wav
E high octaves 2.wav
E high octaves.wav
E high r58 2.wav
E high r58.wav
E I IV V.wav
E I V IV 10ths sl.wav
E I V vi IV 9.wav
E I V vi IV sl.wav
E I V vi IV.wav
E line 1.wav
E line 7.wav
E line.wav
E Mala.wav
E octaves 2.wav
E octaves 3.wav
E octaves 4 sl.wav
E quarter notes.wav
E r59 10.wav
E r59 F# r59.wav
E r59 volume swell.wav
E r5b78.wav
E riff.wav
E run.wav
E sextuplets.wav
E sl 1.wav
E sl 10.wav
E sl 11.wav
E sl 12.wav
E sl 13.wav
E sl 14.wav
E sl 15.wav
E sl 16.wav
E sl 17.wav
E sl 18.wav
E sl 19.wav
E sl 2.wav
E sl 20.wav
E sl 21.wav
E sl 22.wav
E sl 23.wav
E sl 24.wav
E sl 5.wav
E sl 6.wav
E sl 7.wav
E sl 8.wav
E sl 9.wav
E slide riff.wav
E stop.wav
E walk 3.wav
E walk 4.wav
E7 fill 2.wav
E7 fill 3.wav
E7 fill.wav
E7 riff 2.wav
E7 riff.wav
E7 walk.wav
E9th arp.wav
Eb Bb C arp.wav
Eb Bb C arps.wav
Eb Bb Gm.wav
Eb Bb walk.wav
Eb boogie line 2.wav
Eb boogie line 4.wav
Eb Db line.wav
Eb F arps.wav
Eb r58.wav
Eb r59.wav
Eb triad.wav
Em 1.wav
Em 10.wav
Em 11.wav
Em 12.wav
Em 13.wav
Em 14.wav
Em 17.wav
Em 4.wav
Em 5.wav
Em 6.wav
Em 7.wav
Em 8.wav
Em 9.wav
Em D C D.wav
Em F# G sl.wav
Em fill 1.wav
Em fill 2.wav
Em fill 3.wav
Em funky walk 3.wav
Em groove 4.wav
Em groove.wav
Em line.wav
Em pent 1.wav
Em pent 10.wav
Em pent 11.wav
Em pent 121.wav
Em pent 2.wav
Em pent 21.wav
Em pent 22.wav
Em pent 24.wav
Em pent 26.wav
Em pent 27.wav
Em pent 28.wav
Em pent 29.wav
Em pent 3.wav
Em pent 31.wav
Em pent 33.wav
Em pent 40.wav
Em pent 42.wav
Em pent 44.wav
Em pent 54.wav
Em pent 59.wav
Em pent 6.wav
Em pent 65.wav
Em pent 66.wav
Em pent 67.wav
Em pent 68.wav
Em pent 7.wav
Em pent 78.wav
Em pent 8.wav
Em pent 9.wav
Em pent fill 2.wav
Em pent fill 3.wav
Em pent fill 4.wav
Em pent fill 5.wav
Em pent fill 6.wav
Em pent fill 8.wav
Em pent fill 9.wav
Em pent funky.wav
Em pent line.wav
Em pent riff 2.wav
Em pent.wav
Em sl 2.wav
Em sl 3.wav
Em sl 4.wav
Em sl 6.wav
Em sl 7.wav
Em sl 8.wav
Em sl 9.wav
Em sl.wav
Em7 arp.wav
Emaj7 2.wav
F 4th 5th doubles.wav
F 8th notes.wav
F Ab.wav
F blues riff.wav
F boogie line 2.wav
F boogie line 4.wav
F E Eb D.wav
F fill.wav
F high octaves 2.wav
F high octaves.wav
F line 2.wav
F line.wav
F octaves 2.wav
F octaves 3.wav
F octaves 4.wav
F octaves.wav
F r58 2.wav
F r58 3.wav
F r58.wav
F r583.wav
F riff.wav
F sl offbeat.wav
F sl.wav
F stop.wav
F triad.wav
F# 2.wav
F# 3.wav
F# A B octaves sl.wav
F# blues 2.wav
F# blues line.wav
F# bo.wav
F# high octaves 2.wav
F# high octaves.wav
F# octaves 2.wav
F# octaves.wav
F# r58 2.wav
F# r58.wav
F# sl 1.wav
F# sl 2.wav
F# triad.wav
F# walk 4.wav
F#m 2.wav
F#m D A B.wav
F#m D A E.wav
F#m D A.wav
F#m E D E.wav
F#m ending riff.wav
F#m fill.wav
F#m muted.wav
F#m pent 1.wav
F#m pent 2.wav
F#m pent 44.wav
F#m pent 442.wav
F#m pent 8.wav
F#m pent 9.wav
F#m pent walk 2.wav
F11 arp.wav
F7 riff.wav
Fm 50.wav
Fm Cm arps.wav
Fm fill.wav
Fm line.wav
Fm pent 10.wav
Fm pent 11.wav
Fm pent 12.wav
Fm pent 13.wav
Fm pent 14.wav
Fm pent 15.wav
Fm pent 16.wav
Fm pent 17.wav
Fm pent 23.wav
Fm pent 3.wav
Fm pent 4.wav
Fm pent 40.wav
Fm pent 41.wav
Fm pent 42.wav
Fm pent 43.wav
Fm pent 44.wav
Fm pent 45.wav
Fm pent 46.wav
Fm pent 47.wav
Fm pent 48.wav
Fm pent 49.wav
Fm pent 5.wav
Fm pent 51.wav
Fm pent 52.wav
Fm pent 53.wav
Fm pent 54.wav
Fm pent 6.wav
Fm pent 7.wav
Fm pent 8.wav
Fm pent 9.wav
Fm pent ending.wav
Fm pent.wav
G r58 sync.wav
G 1.wav
G 1s 2 per bar s.wav
G 1s 3 per bar s.wav
G 1s 4 per bar s.wav
G 1s 4 per bar s2.wav
G 1s 8th notes.wav
G 4th 5th double.wav
G 5th.wav
G 5ths.wav
G 6 G 7.wav
G A B C.wav
G Bb C arps 2.wav
G Bb C arps 3 new.wav
G Bb C arps new.wav
G blues funk 2 new.wav
G blues funk 3 new.wav
G blues funk new.wav
G boogie line new.wav
G C triads 2 new.wav
G C triads new.wav
G chromatic lines new.wav
G chromatic new.wav
G D A C new.wav
G D C new.wav
G D E D arps new.wav
G Em 2 new.wav
G Em C D 4 new.wav
G Em new.wav
G F sl new.wav
G fill new.wav
G gallup new.wav
G Gb F E muted new.wav
G groove new.wav
G harmonic new.wav
G harmonic triad new.wav
G high octaves 2.wav
G high octaves new.wav
G high r58 2 new.wav
G high r58 new.wav
G I iii IV V new.wav
G I IV ii V 6 new.wav
G I IV ii V new.wav
G I IV V 2 new.wav
G I IV V 3 new.wav
G I IV V bo.wav
G I IV V new.wav
G I IV V triads new.wav
G I V ii IV new.wav
G I V Vi IV 2 new.wav
G I V Vi IV 3 new.wav
G I V Vi IV 4 new.wav
G I V vi IV 7 new.wav
G I vi IV V new.wav
G ii V I walk nerw.wav
G I-IV-V new.wav
G line 3 new.wav
G line 5 new.wav
G line 6 new.wav
G line 7 nbew.wav
G line new.wav
G mixo desc 2 new.wav
G mixo desc 3 new.wav
G mixo desc new.wav
G mixo line 2 new.wav
G octaves 2 new.wav
G octaves new.wav
G octaves sl new.wav
G pent line new.wav
G pull offs new.wav
G stop new.wav
G triad new.wav
G walk new.wav
G# high octaves 2 new.wav
G# high octaves new.wav
G# high r58 new.wav
G# octaves new.wav
G# octaves r58 2 new.wav
G#m E new.wav
G7 desc new.wav
G7 funky new.wav
G7 line 5 new.wav
G7 line 6 new.wav
G8 A5 new.wav
Gb Db Ebm Db new.wav
Gb Db Ebm new.wav
Gm 23 new.wav
Gm 9 new.wav
Gm Am sl new.wav
Gm Bb arps new.wav
Gm Bb C Eb arps new.wav
Gm Bb C Eb F arps new.wav
Gm D# new.wav
Gm Eb Bb arps new.wav
Gm Eb F arps new.wav
Gm gallup new.wav
Gm groove 2 new.wav
Gm groove new.wav
Gm line 5 new.wav
Gm line 6 new.wav
Gm pent 10 new.wav
Gm pent 11 new.wav
Gm pent 12 new.wav
Gm pent 2 new.wav
Gm pent 26 new.wav
Gm pent 50 new.wav
Gm pent 51 new.wav
Gm pent 52 new.wav
Gm pent 53 nrw.wav
Gm pent 54 new.wav
Gm pent 56 new.wav
Gm pent 57 new.wav
Gm pent 59 new.wav
Gm pent 60 new.wav
Gm pent 61 new.wav
Gm pent 62 new.wav
Gm pent fill 10 new.wav
Gm pent fill 11.wav
Gm pent fill 2 new.wav
Gm pent fill 4 new.wav
Gm pent fill 5 new.wav
Gm pent fill 7 new.wav
Gm pent fill 8 new.wav
Gm pent fill 9 new.wav
Gm pent fill new.wav
Gm pent new.wav
Gm pent run new.wav
Gm sl 10 new.wav
Gm sl 11 new.wav
Gm sl 2 new.wav
Gm sl 3 new.wav
Gm sl 4 new.wav
Gmaj7 2 new.wav
Slide 1 new.wav
Slide 2 new.wav
Slide 3 new.wav
Yee Haa new.wav
Folder Name: FX
Folder Size: 112 MB
Files in Folder: 286
Folder Note: These files are recorded at 120 bpm with various effects.

A 10 sus echo.wav
A 10th echo.wav
A blues fuzz echo 2.wav
A blues fuzz echo 3.wav
A blues fuzz echo.wav
A bluesy fuzzy echo.wav
A c59 D59 fuzz echo.wav
A chromatic fuzz.wav
A D chromatic fuzz.wav
A D fuzz echo 3.wav
A D fuzz echo.wav
A D phase 2.wav
A D phase.wav
A D7 E7 phase.wav
A diminished fuzz echo.wav
A fill fuzz echo.wav
A fuzz 1.wav
A fuzz 2.wav
A fuzz echo riff new.wav
A groove fuzz echo.wav
A I V vi IV phase.wav
A line phase.wav
A r38 echo.wav
A r57 echo.wav
A r58 echo.wav
A r59 echo.wav
A r59 phase.wav
A riff echo fuzz 1.wav
A riff echo melodic 2.wav
A riff echo melodic 3.wav
A riff echo melodic.wav
A riff fuzz echo 2.wav
A riff fuzz echo 3.wav
A riff fuzz echo 4.wav
A riff fuzz echo 5.wav
A riff fuzz echo 6.wav
A triad fuzz echo.wav
A5 fuzz echo.wav
A5 G5 fuzz echo.wav
A7 disco phase.wav
A7 echo 2.wav
A7 echo.wav
A7 funk phase.wav
A7 funky phase.wav
A7 fuzz echo 2.wav
A7 fuzz echo 3.wav
A7 fuzz echo.wav
A7 phase 3.wav
A7 phase 4.wav
A7 riff phase.wav
A7 sus4 echo 2.wav
A7sus4 echo.wav
A9 echo.wav
Am 3.wav
Am Bm Em fuzz echo.wav
Am D fuzz echo.wav
Am Em7 fuzz echo.wav
Am fuzz 53.wav
Am fuzz 54.wav
Am fuzz 55.wav
Am fuzz 56.wav
Am fuzz echo 2.wav
Am fuzzy 1.wav
Am long run fuzz echo.wav
Am pent 16ths fuzz echo.wav
Am pent 5ths fuzz echo.wav
Am pent fill phase 2.wav
Am pent fill phase.wav
Am pent fuzz 50.wav
Am pent fuzz echo 2.wav
Am pent fuzz echo sl.wav
Am pent fuzz echo.wav
Am r5b3 phase.wav
Am riff echo.wav
Am riff fuzz 1.wav
Am riff fuzz 10.wav
Am riff fuzz 11.wav
Am riff fuzz 13.wav
Am riff fuzz 14.wav
Am riff fuzz 15.wav
Am riff fuzz 16.wav
Am riff fuzz 17.wav
Am riff fuzz 18.wav
Am riff fuzz 19.wav
Am riff fuzz 2.wav
Am riff fuzz 23.wav
Am riff fuzz 24.wav
Am riff fuzz 25.wav
Am riff fuzz 27.wav
Am riff fuzz 28.wav
Am riff fuzz 29.wav
Am riff fuzz 30.wav
Am riff fuzz 31.wav
Am riff fuzz 4.wav
Am riff fuzz 5.wav
Am riff fuzz 6.wav
Am riff fuzz 7.wav
Am riff fuzz echo 1.wav
Am riff fuzz echo 11.wav
Am riff fuzz echo 2.wav
Am riff fuzz echo 3.wav
Am riff fuzz echo 6.wav
Am riff fuzz phase.wav
Am riff phase 2.wav
Am riff phase.wav
Am sl fuzz echo.wav
Am7 fuzz echo.wav
Am7 G fuzz echo 3.wav
Am7 G fuzz echo.wav
B 10th fuzz echo.wav
B blues fuzz echo 1.wav
B blues fuzz echo 2.wav
B E chromatic fuzz.wav
B E echo.wav
B octaves fuzz echo 2.wav
B octaves fuzz echo.wav
B r35 echo.wav
B r59 echo.wav
B r5b3 echo.wav
B r5b32 echo.wav
B7 fuzz echo.wav
C F chromatic fuzz.wav
C F7 echo.wav
C groove fuzzy.wav
C I IV echo.wav
C ii V echo.wav
C r59 echo.wav
C r59b7 fuzz echo.wav
C r5b3 echo.wav
C r5b78 echo.wav
C r5b78 fuzz echo.wav
C7 fuzz echo.wav
Cm echo riff.wav
Cmaj7 echo.wav
Cmaj7 fuzz echo.wav
D blues fuzz echo 2.wav
D blues fuzz echo.wav
D diminished fuzz echo.wav
D fill phase.wav
D fuzz echo 1.wav
D fuzz echo 2.wav
D fuzz echo 3.wav
D G chromatic fuzz.wav
D G7 echo.wav
D melodic fuzz echo.wav
D octaves disco phase.wav
D r53 echo.wav
D r59 echo.wav
D r59b7 fuzz echo.wav
D r5b3 echo.wav
D riff echo melodic 2.wav
D riff echo melodic.wav
D riff fuzz echo 1.wav
D riff fuzz echo 2.wav
D riff fuzz echo 3.wav
D riff fuzz echo 5.wav
D triad fuzz echo.wav
D7 fuzz echo 5.wav
D7 fuzz echo.wav
D7 riff fuzz echo 2.wav
D7 riff fuzz echo.wav
D9 fuzz echo.wav
Dm7 fuzz echo.wav
E 10th volume swell fx.wav
E 5ths echo.wav
E A disco 10ths phase.wav
E A echo melodic.wav
E A fuzz echo.wav
E A octaves fuzzy sl.wav
E Amaj7 fuzz echo.wav
E b5 5 echo.wav
E big reverb.wav
E D sl fuzz echo.wav
E desc echo.wav
E harmonic fuzz 1.wav
E octaves phase shifter.wav
E r538 echo.wav
E r5384831 echo.wav
E r53943 echo.wav
E r578 echo.wav
E r59 echo.wav
E r59 fuzz echo.wav
E r59r58 echo.wav
E r5b7 echo.wav
E r5b78 fuzz echo.wav
E r85 echo.wav
E r85b3 echo.wav
E scale echo.wav
E short echo.wav
E sl echo 1.wav
E sl echo 2.wav
E sl echo 4.wav
E sl echo 6.wav
E sl echo 7.wav
E sl echo 8.wav
E sl fuzz echo 5.wav
E7 disco phase.wav
E7 echo-o-o.wav
E7 fuzz echo 2.wav
E7 fuzz echo.wav
E7 riff fuzz echo.wav
E9 arp echo.wav
Em echo.wav
Em fill fuzz 2.wav
Em fill fuzz.wav
Em fuzz echo 2.wav
Em riff fuzz 1.wav
Em riff fuzz 10.wav
Em riff fuzz 12.wav
Em riff fuzz 15.wav
Em riff fuzz 18.wav
Em riff fuzz 2.wav
Em riff fuzz 21.wav
Em riff fuzz 22.wav
Em riff fuzz 23.wav
Em riff fuzz 25.wav
Em riff fuzz 26.wav
Em riff fuzz 3.wav
Em riff fuzz 30.wav
Em riff fuzz 31.wav
Em riff fuzz 32.wav
Em riff fuzz 33.wav
Em riff fuzz 4.wav
Em riff fuzz 6.wav
Em riff fuzz 8.wav
Em riff fuzz 9.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 19.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 2.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 20.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 21.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 22.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 23.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 24.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 25.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 26.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 27.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 28.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 29.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 30.wav
Em riff fuzz echo 31.wav
Em riff fuzz echo.wav
Em riff fuzz.wav
Em robotic reverb.wav
Em slide fuzz echo.wav
Em triad fuzz echo.wav
Em7 fuzz echo.wav
Emaj7 echo 2.wav
Emaj7 echo.wav
Emaj7 phase 4.wav
Emaj7 phase.wav
F Bb7 echo.wav
F chromatic fuzz.wav
F G A fuzz echo.wav
F r59 echo.wav
F r5b3 echo.wav
F# fuzz echo 1.wav
F# fuzz echo 2.wav
F# octaves fuzz echo.wav
F#m pent 3 fuzz reverb.wav
Fm pent 1 fuzz reverb.wav
Fm pent echo 1.wav
Fm pent fuzz 4 reverb.wav
Fm pent fuzz echo.wav
Fm pent fuzz reverb.wav
Fm pent long run fuzz echo.wav
Fmaj7 echo.wav
G C chromatic fuzz.wav
G C echo.wav
G Cmaj7 fuzz echo.wav
G disco octaves phase.wav
G r59 echo.wav
G riff echo 1.wav
G riff echo 2.wav
G riff fuzz echo 1.wav
G7 arp off-beat phase 2.wav
G7 arp off-beat phase.wav
G7 blues fuzz echo.wav
G7 C phase shifter.wav
G7 echo.wav
G7 fuzz echo.wav
G7 low fuzz echo.wav
G7 riff phase shifter.wav
Gm pent fill 3 phase.wav
Gm pent phase 2.wav
Gm pent phase.wav
Gmaj7 echo.wav

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